UPDATE: Thanks for all your votes! We’re happy to announce the three winners are Sasha, Tater, and Matilda!

I’m impressed: You guys really brought it. The competition was fierce. The paws are tired. But I’ve finally narrowed down the finalists.  

Now it’s time to pick some winners. You’ll find each of the remaining climate dog hopefuls on his or her own page. Click through and check them out. At the end, you get to place your vote. 

The top three dogs with the most votes on Oct. 3 wins. That’s all there is to it. Happy voting!

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You think you’re a climate dog? And — sniff — you think you’re ADORABLE?

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

I think by that, what you actually meant was I’M the original, adorable, totally unbeatable Climate Dog.

Want proof? Here’s me in my London HQ, The Climate Group. We don’t just write the headlines, we MAKE the headlines.

I’m 3 wise years old, I’m a French bulldog, and my armies know me by the name of Enzo. But I ain’t leading a French Revolution. 

OOOhh no. I’m leading the Clean Revolution.

Not only do I pick up EVERY piece of rubbish on the streets (including leaves, and toes) to give to my human to put in the bin.

But I ALSO believe in the massive scaling-up of clean technologies, clean energy, and innovative leadership, to help secure a better, smarter, more prosperous future for what will soon be 9 billion people (and even more dogs) on our planet.

My initiative, the Clean Revolution is going to be HUGE. In fact, it’s already underway.

But I guess you’ll find out on Monday, at 10 a.m., at the New York Academy of Sciences, NYC. 

Sniff. I’m watchin’ you Sam. 


Climate Dog




I’m Matilda — you can call me Tilly for short! My four fluffy paws leave very small environmental footprints since I eat organic, responsibly farmed foods from a local food producer, use biodegradeable poop bags and make sure that my mom walks everywhere so that she can spend more time basking in my fluffiness as opposed to using other methods of transportation (though she recently bought a bike with a covered pet basket to escort me on longer trips). I’m incredibly friendly and I live in a mixed neighborhood where I love to interact which everybody including children, the elderly, and homeless people — I make everybody smile and help to create sense of community by creating bonds where there may not otherwise have been an opportunity for people to talk. Climate Dog, can I be your buddy?



I’m Gouda. I know that only people can be sustainable, not their stuff. I just walk around all cute and stuff, but only people decide how we treat each other and stuff … and therefore, if it is sustainable or not.






Hi, my name is Gwendolin Fiona and I cope with the changing climate (and worsening winter weather here in N.C.) by growing my own earmuffs.









I am Tater the farm dog.  I live on an Animal Welfare Approved certified livestock and CSA farm in N.C. I move the livestock around the farm (Mom helps a little). None of those noisy, stinky, gas-guzzling 4-wheelers for us. Just good, old fashioned, working dogs. Plus, all of the food that I eat is grown/raised on our farm.





Woof. Sasha here from Lafayette, Colo. I’m a recycled pooch, too, having been found in rural Missouri and rescued to my new home in the shadow of the Rockies. I love your not-so-subtle reference to that famous National Lampoon cover as well as your shameless use of dog images to make a difference in the climate debate. Whatever it takes, guys. Why choose me? I’m a mountain dog and a guard dog — in this case of the environment. I eat only natural, minimally processed foods, wander around in a yard that hasn’t seen pesticides or herbicides in many years, and am thinking about becoming a therapy dog since you humans can’t seem to keep your hands off me. Which is just fine. I’ll do anything to keep the temperature outside a little bit cooler.



Hi! My name is Cooper! I hug trees and trees hug me :)












I haven’t bathed in three months. What have YOU done for water scarcity?


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