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Articles by Sarah K. Burkhalter

Sarah K. Burkhalter is Grist's project manager.

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  • From Racy to Race

    Strung out The students at Allegheny College are on clothespins and needles worrying about climate change. So they’ve hung their cares underwears out to dry … hey, is that a Hood Thong? Puddle stumper This guy is really hitting the pavement to raise awareness about climate change; hope he doesn’t get in over his head. […]

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    Take it back!

    Electronics TakeBack Coalition runs a Times Square ad entreating Panasonic to take back TVs for recycling — on Panasonic jumbotron:

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    Mac daddy

    Apple continues to tout its ownership of the “greenest family of notebooks” in a new ad:

  • From Nation to Urination

    Obama mamas Can we contribute to overpopulation with post-election celebration? Yes we can — literally. Photo: tjroberts79 What’s shakin’, bacon? James Bond likes to pig out on a breakfast that’s bacon, not stirred. While filming, the sizzling star would have no solace until he brought home the bacon. But he went from the frying pan […]