1. Strung out

    The students at Allegheny College are on clothespins and needles worrying about climate change. So they’ve hung their cares underwears out to dry … hey, is that a Hood Thong?

  2. Puddle stumper

    This guy is really hitting the pavement to raise awareness about climate change; hope he doesn’t get in over his head.

  3. Click, click, click

    Up on the rooftop workers pause / Their contracts have a greening clause / Can’t go down while they’re employed / Energy savings will be enjoyed.

  4. You’re killing us

    We wouldn’t be caught dead in fur … but we also wouldn’t be caught dead in one of these.

    Photo: PETA

  5. Don’t tread on me

    You thought the Segway was white and nerdy — just wait ’til you see the Treadmobile. “Now is the time to invest“; or, you could donate to something even funnier.