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For four years straight, President Donald Trump tried to gut the budgets of federal agencies focusing on climate and the environment. The former president proposed canceling clean energy research, cutting federal support to prevent flooding, and winnowing down crucial federal agencies. In 2019, he even went so far as to ask Congress to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, by a whopping 31 percent — returning it to spending levels not seen since 1993. 

Now, President Joe Biden is poised to go in the exact opposite direction. On Friday, just two weeks after Biden announced his climate-friendly infrastructure plan, the White House released its “skinny budget” — a sort of budgetary blueprint for where the president hopes to spend money in the coming year. (Think of it as a planned allowance for federal agencies.) And the $1.5 trillion proposal couldn’t be more different than those of the past four years. 

While Trump’s 2020 budget proposal didn’t mention the word “climate” once, Biden’s plan mentions it 146 times. It asks Congress for $14 billion “across nearly every agency” to advance clean energy and zero out U.S. emissions ... Read more

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