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Articles by Terry L. Jones, Floodlight

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Workers exit the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery on May 10, 2022 in Texas City, Texas.

This story was produced by Floodlight, a nonprofit investigative newsroom focused on climate accountability.

There’s an unspoken promise when an industry moves into any community: We will disrupt your lives, but in exchange we will provide good-paying jobs.

Except, according to new research shared exclusively with Floodlight, in Louisiana’s majority Black communities in the area known as “Cancer Alley” because of its high concentration of polluting industries, the majority of jobs go to white workers. Similar disparities occur in minority-dominant communities along Texas’s Gulf Coast, where the majority of workers are white.

“If one group gets all the pollution and another group gets all the jobs, it’s not really a trade-off anymore,” said Kimberly Terrell, director of community engagement and a staff scientist with the Tulane University Environmental Law Clinic who led the research team. 

The highest disparity was found in St. John the Baptist Parish, home to the third-larges... Read more