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An eerie half-calm, enforced by marching columns of police and troops in full-body armor, settled over downtown Seattle today. Street corners that had been scenes of dramatic confrontation yesterday saw small-scale, unthreatening protests this morning and early afternoon, as demonstrators, trade delegates, journalists, and everyone else in this stunned city got down to the important business: trying to make sense of yesterday’s vast confrontations. What did it mean that Seattle, the mellow upper-left-hand corner of the richest nation on earth, had seen perhaps the most confrontational political demonstrations since the end of the Vietnam war?

What a gas.

Photo: World Trade Observer.

This correspondent would like to make a few factual points, on the theory that this will prove to be an historic moment in American progressive political history, one that’s already being misrepresented by the images and words that float across the tube. My biases have been made clear already: The idea of standing up to the endless globalization of economy and culture strikes me as powerfully sane. Add t... Read more

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    SEATTLE, Wash. The metaphor is irresistible. Between 8 and 10 this morning in downtown Seattle, the protesters owned the streets. Later in the day, they vied with police, back and forth; but as the day began the cops were back inside their perimeters, and the few thousand drumming, singing demonstrators were firmly in control. And […]

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    SEATTLE, Wash. In the USA today, according to USA Today, the holiday shopping season opened with a 6.4 percent jump in sales from last year. The Labor Department reported that personal income rose at the fastest pace in more than five years last month. Donald Trump vowed to spend $100 million of his own money […]

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    SEATTLE, Wash. For twenty years, the fight to globalize the world’s economy has been a rout. The largest transnational corporations expanded their power in every direction — Japanese conglomerates cut down forests across the tropics; American grain companies dictated the price of food; Baywatch found a billion viewers a week. But that rout has suddenly […]