So, Friday is Bike to Work Day. And if you are one of those people who comes up with endless excuses about why you can’t get your ass onto a bicycle and use it to go somewhere, you need to meet Lucette Gilbert, the latest star in Streetfilms‘ series on New Yorkers who ride.

Gilbert admits to being in her “high 70s,” and she has been biking since she was a 7-year-old in France. She and her friends didn’t have phones, so if they wanted to talk, they hopped on their bikes and went and found each other.

Is it a big deal to still be pedaling at her age? She doesn’t think so. “People say, ‘Oh you’re still biking,’ which I find offensive,” says Gilbert. “When I can’t bike anymore, my body will tell me. But my body keeps telling me, ‘Go for it!'”

Exactly, people. Go for it.

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