Nothing says “I love you” like a bicycle that forces you and your partner to cooperate to the point of absurdity, so Instructables user Carlitos has posted specs for a bike modification that places two riders side by side. If you have access to a welder and a good source of junker bike parts, you can make this your weekend project and be done in time for V-Day.

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This is no standard in-line tandem bike, where the person in the back can coast. The conjoined twin bike requires you to work with your partner in awkward forced harmony, just like a traditional marriage!

Okay, I’m mainly kidding, because this is a really cool build and it’s nice to have a bike where you can actually talk to each other but don’t take up quite as much trail space as two side-by-side bikes. But you gotta admit that liftoff looks a little challenging:

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Once you get the rhythm, though, one commenter reports, it’s “almost boring” — just like a traditional marriage! Zing! (Hi honey.)