The City of New York was very excited about the partnership it made with Citi for the launch of Citi Bike — a program that will eventually put 10,000 bikes on the streets of New York (well, mostly Manhattan). And New Yorkers seem excited about it too, though they will undoubtedly soon be cranky.

But the launch date for Citi Bike has been pushed back for at least a month, thanks to the bicycle’s longest-standing enemy: more modern technology.

From the Times:

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On Thursday … Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg offered a culprit: computer problems.

“Its software isn’t working yet,” he told reporters at a groundbreaking ceremony in West Harlem. “And just rest assured we’re not going to put out any program here that doesn’t work.”

Bah! Computers! Is there nothing you won’t ruin?

In this clip, replace the word “open” with “launch,” the words “pod bay doors” with “Citi Bike program,” and “HAL” with “Citi Bike software technology.”

All involved seem confident that the program will launch before the end of the summer. Which is obviously preferable, given that it is more fun to ride bicycles in good weather than in snowstorms. But, then, New York may not need to worry about snowstorms much, either.

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