Photos by Natalie Walsh.

Have you ever wanted to have a stunningly beautiful bike helmet that would shatter into dangerous splinters if you ever actually fell on your head? Well, you’re in luck, because Instructables user Natalina has posted step-by-step procedures for making a helmet that looks like a disco ball. (She emphasizes that it’s meant as a costume piece, since it’s, you know, covered with glass — but you could do it with acrylic mirrors instead for a safer ride.)

The project involves some tedious work (placing the mirrors, cutting the tiles to follow the helmet edge), but nothing overly technical or beyond the abilities of a novice maker, and no particularly specialized equipment. So if your idea of bike safety is blinding drivers with your glass-encased head — or, say, if you want to look amazingly awesome while not in any danger of skull fractures — then get to work!

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