With Hurricane Irene on its way, New Yorkers head to Trader Joe's and make jokes (I think they're jokes?) about the proper amount to tip delivery guys who come out during a hurricane.

Why does a super-walkable condo building in Denver include eight floors of parking spaces? (Answer: There's no good answer.)

So weird: Even Sen. Jim Inhofe wants Mitt Romney to stop waffling on climate change. This may be the only issue Inhofe and environmentalists have ever agreed on.

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To solve its pollution problem, China's using logic generally favored by house cats: stick your head under a blanket, because if you don't see (or, in China's case, measure) a problem, it's not there.

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Japanese leaders looking at geothermal energy as one way to replace nuclear.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed a fracking ban. It's not the worst environmental decision he's made, since the the ban was mostly symbolic, and it’s not like we expect much of Christie (cough helicopter to a Little League game cough). But after ripping the heart out of N.J.'s growing renewables sector, he could have at least given enviros a little something-something, right?