Before he was the guy who tried to kill Wisconsin unions, Scott Walker was the guy who campaigned on a promise to kill high-speed rail in Wisconsin. There wasn’t a lot of room for interpretation or anything — I mean, one of his campaign websites was, for chrissakes. But now Walker is asking for $150 million in federal funds to upgrade an existing rail line. Not only that, but he says “This is not inconsistent with the position I took in the past.” You know, except that the position he took in the past was “NO TRAIN,” and now the position is “TRAIN.”

Walker first turned down the $810 million that the administration offered for rail projects, which would have paid for his planned improvements, with funds left over to expand and update rail across the state. But that was evil STIMULUS money! This is … uh … evil stimulus money. It’s the money Florida governor Rick Scott just rejected for high speed rail in his state. They’re like puppies eating each other’s vomit.