Right now Apple Maps is reportedly not the greatest map software if you have goals like “getting where you want to go” and “not being horribly lost.” But that’s not all you want to do. You also want to save the Earth! And in that case, Apple Maps might be your best bet.

As The New York Times wants us all to know, our internet habits, if they’re not killing the planet yet, are bound to kill it some time in the near future. Running the internet takes a lot of energy — and although, as P. Bump pointed out last week, “power use isn’t inherently bad,” increasing energy efficiency is a noble goal. And when it comes to energy efficiency, Apple Maps blows Google Maps out of the water. Gizmodo writes:

But unbeknownst to most people, there’s actually something that Apple Maps is better at and it’s pretty damn important: Apple Maps is a lot more data efficient, nearly five times more data efficient than Google Maps. Meaning you use less data using Apple Maps.

Less data means less energy. In theory, that’s less energy to perform the same task. This assumes, of course, that Apple Maps is in fact performing exactly the same task as Google Maps — i.e., getting you to the place you want to go.

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Reports differ on whether Apple Maps can in fact perform that function. But as long as you’re not driving all over tarnation to get to your destination, you can pat yourself on the back: You may be using a less-than-stellar mapping program, but you’re also saving the world.

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