Because you can live without electricity but you can't live without your phone.

powerpotBecause you can live without electricity but you can’t live without your phone.

If God wanted us to camp he wouldn’t have invented hotels. But sometimes one finds oneself caught in a hurricane, or living off the grid, or even camping if there’s someone one wants to impress. And for these occasions it would be wonderful to have a PowerPot, the nifty invention that uses a thermo-electric differential transducer to charge your cell phone as you cook your food.

The PowerPot uses power from the changing water temperature inside the pot. You just fill it up halfway, place it on a heat source (yes, you have to have a camp stove too, it’s not THAT much of a miracle), plug your device into a heat-resistant USB chord and voila. You can play Words with Friends or watch Scandal instead of having to look at or listen to boring old nature. You could also charge radios or LED flashlights or headlamps, but who needs headlamps when you have YouTube.

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