Editor’s note: The chat is over, but you can watch a replay of the panel discussion starting at 11:20 in the video above.

Have any lunch plans? Here’s a bright idea.

At noon PST (3 p.m. EST), we’re streaming an hour-long discussion about the intersection of design and renewable energy. The event is part of OpenIDEO’s collaboration with the 11th Hour Project* to discover and promote kick-ass cleantech innovations.

The OpenIDEO Renewable Energy Challenge (happening NOW, people) asks the global community to submit renewable energy design solutions. But even if you’re not vying to solve the world energy crisis, you can AT LEAST join the discussion, and educate yourself on how leading experts are innovating renewable energy.

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Sound mind-blowingly cool? Watch the live stream above.

*The 11th Hour Project was founded by Grist board member Wendy Schmidt and helps fund Grist. Grist Founder and CEO Chip Giller is on the advisory panel for OpenIDEO’s Renewable Energy Challenge.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.