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Climate Cities


In some ways, electric vehicles are everywhere these days: With gas prices soaring and climate warnings becoming more urgent, many drivers are searching online for EVs; major car companies like Ford have released electric versions of their classic models; and several states have introduced EV rebates. With all those incentives in place, perhaps it’s a bit surprising that, in reality, less than 1 percent of all vehicles in the U.S. are electric.

Now, researchers at the University of Geneva say they have identified a potential reason: cognitive bias.

“Until now, initiatives related to the energy transition generally focused on the technological and financial barriers to their realization. Psychological factors have been given very little consideration,” said Mario Herzberz, one of the researchers. “Many studies show that individuals do not automatically adopt the behaviors most beneficial for themselves or society, often due to a lack of access to complete information.”

Herzberz and his colleagues conducted their study, published last week in the journal Nature Energy, by contacting almost 900 people split roughly evenly between Germany and the U.S. ... Read more

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