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It’s just a few days into summer, and heat waves have already toppled records across the globe, from the Russian Arctic to the muggy Gulf Coast. With July and August — usually the hottest summer months — still to come, the early extreme heat offers a grim picture of summer’s growing danger. 

Heat has gripped much of the United States over recent weeks. In mid-June, thousands of records were broken from coast to coast as a heat dome settled over the West and slinked east. Since June 15, at least 113 weather stations across the U.S. have registered temperatures that tied or broke record highs. Nightfall has offered little relief, as climate change has made nighttime warmer and warmer. 

“These temperatures are occurring with only 2 degrees Fahrenheit of global warming and we are on track for 4 degrees Fahrenheit more warming over this century,” Andrew Dessler, a Texas A&M University climate scientist, told the Associated Press. “I literally cannot imagine how bad that will be.” 

After a heat wave broiled the Pacific Northwest last year, Dessler told Grist that there’s so much evidence to show climate change inflames heat waves,... Read more

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