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Raquel Nelson, the Atlanta-area mother convicted of vehicular homicide for the death of her son while they were crossing the street outside a crosswalk, appeared on the Today show this morning.

Nelson’s 4-year-old son, A.J., died after being hit by a driver, Jerry Guy, who later admitted to having consumed alcohol and painkillers. Guy fled the scene, but was later apprehended. He ended up serving six months on the hit-and-run charge, but vehicular homicide and other charges were dropped. You can read my earlier post about Nelson’s story here.

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Nelson, in contrast, could face up to three years in jail. She has two other children, ages 9 and 3. Her sentencing is set for tomorrow, July 26.

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Here’s what she said to the Today show’s Ann Curry about the possible sentence that faces her tomorrow and about the jury that convicted her:

It’s three years away from the two that I have left …

I don’t think that they could relate to what I was going through … All of the jurors stated they’ve never ridden public transportation and they’ve never really been in my shoes, so I think there’s maybe not a jury of peers.

Her aunt had this to say:

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We are just hoping as a family that [the judge] is compassionate.

There’s a petition at Change.org asking for the judge to exercise leniency in the case, and for the Cobb County Transportation Department to install a crosswalk at the spot where Raquel’s A.J. was killed. As of the writing of this post, nearly 58,000 people had signed it.