Employees of the city of Chicago are going to have to get used to taking the bus and the subway. Starting next year, they’ll have to use public transit, unless they have a really good excuse and are down for filling out a lot of paper work. Whose idea was this? Mayor Rahm Emanuel, of course.

Rahmbo doesn't want city employees on official business to take their personal cars or #*(%&@ cabs. They're public employees; they'll take *#@%(& public transit!

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This isn’t just for green reasons; it’s also because Chicago — surprise! — is totally corrupt. Apparently city employees were taking advantage of the reimbursement system, and the city was paying for car washes and parking tickets. The new policy's supposed to save $1 million.

Public transit, being an affordable option that's supposed to get people where they're going quickly and efficiently, is also a budget-friendly option for your large metropolitan area! And if it turns out not to be quick and efficient, well, public employees are in a pretty good position to change that for the better.

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