Luxury car brands have a problem. They want to be green, honest! But luxury, according to The New York Times, means "bigger, stronger, faster." None of those adjectives translate into "fuel economy."

They're trying, though! Aston Martin, for instance, turned a tiny Toyota smart car into the fancy Cygnet, which has 1.3 liter engine. Mercedes is working on smaller cars, some with hybrid or electric engines. Lexus has a "compact luxury hybrid hatchback" (whatever that is).

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The problem is, luxury brands are afraid of screwing up and being laughed off the global auto sales stage for trying to pass of a car that is not "bigger, stronger, faster" as a luxury vehicle. It's easy to show off in a car that goes VROOOOOOMMMMmmmm. EVs don't make any noise, so how will people know that you spent a lot of money to get to go really, really fast?

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