Mississippi Blog postHuckleberry Wroth and I survived our travels down the Mississippi last week, and we’ve now returned to our respective coasts to reflect on everything we learned. I must say, visiting three cities in seven days is no lazy float down the river — we covered a lot of ground. Here’s a recap:

In Dubuque, we:

In St. Louis, we:

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In Memphis, we:

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Whew! What a week. But those are just the stories we had time to write about (and very briefly, at that). You haven’t yet heard about our trip up the Gateway Arch in futuristic egg-shaped pods, or our tour through an old Southern estate with Memphis historian June West, or our encounter with the fellow on our riverboat cruise who asked if his shiner was a turnoff (yes, it was).

Rest assured, we will get to retelling many of these gems in the coming weeks as we put together a more in-depth series of articles on what each of these cities (and others along the Mississippi) are doing to connect people with the river — and to protect one of our country’s most important resources.