NBBJ’s proposed Seattle campus will be dominated by three gigantic Epcot-like glass domes, filled with plants from high elevations that can live in an office-building climate. (There will actually be more trees inside the buildings than in the surrounding park.) Which all sounds pretty awesome, except I can’t be the only person thinking “polyhedral glass robotesticles.” Can I? I probably can.

Fortunately for people like me, there will actually be three structures, which should mitigate the effect somewhat. (OR DOES IT? Now I’m just thinking about Total Recall.)



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In all seriousness, the idea of an office building that’s also a conservatory actually sounds amazing, and I like that the proposal includes public park space (though the public won’t be allowed inside the domes, because Amazon has to get to know you way better first). And if this is not the least testicular structure ever built, well, what of it? D.C. is dominated by a giant phallic symbol and it’s been getting by just fine.

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