Despite getting run over, doored, harassed, and generally being treated as second-class citizens of the road, bicyclists are the happiest of all commuters. Go figure!

The finding comes via an Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium study released this month. Those who walk to work, the study found, are nearly as happy as cyclists, who are about three times happier than solo car-drivers.

Of course, your commute happiness is improved if you’re on your way to a good job that makes you a lot of money, but income gap aside, even rich workaholic bikers still had safety concerns that chipped away at their smile scores.

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New York Daily News columnist Denis Hamill sees your safety concerns, cyclists, and he raises you a head injury, because that’s the only explanation I have for Hamil’s ragey column on New York’s bike lanes that, he says, have “disfigured the city in a logistical and aesthetic way.”

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Writes Hamil: “News flash: Life ain’t a smooth sail, kiddos! There’s a big crash just waiting at the end of every bike lane.”

Don’t let this grump get you down, bikers, especially if you live in New York and enjoy those protected bike lanes (jealous!). It’s evening rush hour in the city right now, and something tells me Hamil is road-raging all alone in his car.