Like this, but much, much longer. (Photo by Craig.)

Two Detroit organizations, Wedge Detroit and Imagine Detroit Together, are planning the World’s Longest Hopscotch Course — 4.2 miles of chalky, colorful joy. As part of the Detroit Design Festival, they’re going to break out the paint, chalk, and knee pads on September 19, draw until September 22, and then recruit 30 volunteers to add a mile each day after that.

That basically sounds like the most fun ever, doesn’t it? The organizers know it, too. One, Ajooni Sethi, told GOOD:

Once we draw the course, invite as many people as we can, and lay out the chalk, we open it up for anyone to use, imagine, and play. …

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That’s how you get a 60-year old man from downtown Detroit and a five-year old from Osborn [a neighborhood on the edge of town] to share an experience.

These guys have really thought of everything: Even the supplies they’re using are meant to withstand three rainfalls. We just hope some ambitious person tries to complete the whole fricking thing. Walking four miles is exercise enough; imagine hopping like a bunny for that long.

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