Road trips are a great American tradition, but driving willy-nilly across the country leaving plumes of exhaust in your wake is one of the least sustainable things you can do. So we’re big fans of web-based travel — even leaving aside the fact that your computer eats electricity, the emissions are way lower, plus you can go to Mars or the bottom of the ocean. Try doing that in a car!

What you miss, though, is the speed. So if your dream is zooming through the American West without using a drop of fuel, here’s your dream come true: Brian DeFrees’ time-lapse video of driving Route 66.

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Grab some disgusting road snacks and take a virtual road trip! And if you’d like to make pit stops along the way, there are photos from the trip on Flickr so you can also have the experience of pulling off the highway into strange little nowhere towns.

Last year, DeFrees did a similar timelapse of his round-trip drive through the entire country. That one takes a bit longer, so you’ll have time to eat more jerky:

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