Air quality at Hong Kong famously hovers somewhere between “technically breathable” and “mainly motor oil with the occasional oxygen bubble.” That’s bad for people’s lungs, but more importantly, it’s bad for their photos. Tourists didn’t pay good money to go to Hong Kong and have their vacation Instagrams ruined by light-impervious smog.

That’s why the city has set up a backdrop showing a skyline against a clear, blue, entirely fake sky.

fake sky wall
Alex Hofford/CFP

Voila — you get your new Facebook profile photo, and nobody has to know that when you got home you wrung out your shirt and a thin dribble of black sludge flowed into the sink. Just stay away from the seams. (Of the backdrop. Your shirt you’ll just have to give up as a loss, I’m afraid.)

Alex Hofford/CFP

(Via @pbump.)