This hole is inspired by development plans for D.C.’s Canal Park. (Photo courtesy of the National Building Museum.)

The National Building Museum may not be D.C.’s star attraction, but even if you don’t love it, it loves you. You can tell, because the museum is giving sweltering District residents a nice, cool place to play indoor mini-golf this summer. And because it’s the National Building Museum, this is no plaster-clown-head putt-putt course — the holes resemble tiny cities, models of the Mall, and modernist architecture. There’s even a hole shaped like a labyrinth.

A little city for golf balls to live in. (Photo by Alison Dunn Photography.)

The mini-golf course is open until Labor Day during museum hours, and until 9 p.m. on two Thursdays (July 26 and August 23). Apparently the lines are insane right now, likely because it was 106 degrees in D.C. this weekend, so everyone wanted to move to another, smaller, air-conditioned city. But it’ll probably be easier to get a tee time when the exhibit is not so new. Oh, but be prepared: It’s harder than it looks.

On this hole, balls have to be guided down a model of D.C.’s streets. (Photo by Alison Dunn Photography.)

This one looks like a cross between an urban downtown and a natural phenomenon. (Photo by Alison Dunn Photography.)