Sometimes, when you’re sitting on the G train in New York or the Green Line in D.C., you may think to yourself, “I bet I could run faster than this train.” Well, I bet you couldn’t, jerk. But this dude probably could. 

This anonymous fellow strapped a camera to his head, rode the Métro to one station, then tore ass out of the subway, through the streets of Paris, and down into the subway again in time to catch the same train. It’s a tense minute and change of dodging pedestrians, trying not to get crushed by buses, jaywalking behind police cars, swiping a subway card over and over and over and over — all the usual public transit stuff, only done much faster than you could ever achieve. But in the end … well, I won’t spoil it. I’ll just say that the next time your train is single-tracking and you’re late for work, you could do worse than to jump on this guy.