The B and Q lines in Brooklyn were unexpectedly delayed today, but frustrated commuters might be mollified to know it was because of kitties. A pair of runaway kittens were cavorting on the tracks, and the MTA had to turn off the third rail so officers could chase them down. For once, a listicle of cat photos might actually constitute news coverage!

After the two kittens were spotted on the tracks near the Church Avenue station in Brooklyn at 11:06 a.m., the MTA shut off power to the third rail on a section of the subway’s Brighton Line, suspending regular service from DeKalb Avenue to Brighton Beach.

Two hours later, service resumed — but not because the kittens were in custody. They have escaped capture and are probably hiding out in order to disrupt rail service on another day, and probably keep on doing it until someone makes them into a meme.  At least they were polite enough to avoid rush hour.

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