Anyone who doesn’t already have a massive brain-crush on Newark Mayor Cory Booker hasn’t been paying attention. He’s handsome, he’s funny, he saved a lady from a fire — as I said earlier this year, he’s basically the Ryan Gosling of politics. And in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, he’s been turning in an Oscar-worthy Best Leading Mayor performance.

Booker’s Twitter feed shows him running around the city, checking on constituents and the family members they’re worried about, dispensing supplies and supportive words. He manages to encourage patience without denying that people are hurting, and applaud the efforts of repair workers without ignoring the fact that they can’t possibly work fast enough to avoid leaving some residents in the cold and dark for an unacceptably long time. He’s a Twitter whirlwind of accountability, responsibility, good humor, and putting his money where his mouth is — he’s even letting people crash at his house.

Here’s a sampling of Cory “Gosling” Booker’s extreme Twitter awesomeness:

Hey girl, I just want to keep you warm:

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Hey girl, why don’t you spend the night at my place:

Hey girl, let me buy you lunch:

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Hey girl, I’m coming over, can I pick you up something on the way?

Hey girl, I got you some produce:

Hey girl, I tried to save you from a fire again, but it was just some delicious BBQ, so let me buy you lunch again:

Hey girl, don’t despair, we’re all in this together:

He’s also tweeting updates on power outages and school closings, retweeting requests for help from people he can’t see to personally, and repeatedly disseminating the number to call for support and non-emergency assistance. Not to mention encouraging hungry stoners to be self-reliant in their quest for Hot Pockets. A few more days of this, and Gosling will stop being an apt comparison. We’ll have to move on to Superman.