What is love if not the right to gently poke fun at the object of your affection, be it a boyfriend, relative, or cherished city neighborhood? It’s clear that Jeni Brendemuehl, Lauren Schroer, and RC Jones have a great fondness for Chicago. They just choose to express that love with Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters like this one:

RedEye Chicago’s Leonor Vivanco relates:

Who isn’t annoyed when tourists take over the Loop’s sidewalks walking six people wide? Who hasn’t been to a Cubs game where fans are trashed and stumbling around Wrigleyville, conjuring up flashbacks of a college frat party?

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It’s that sort of collective, local, extremely granular knowledge that makes us sometimes kind of hate but ultimately love cities.

And for Chicagoans, the trio behind the posters promises: “Don’t worry. We’ll insult you (and your neighborhood) soon.”

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