Breast cancer surgeon Catherine Baucom is six feet tall, but she rolled up to work last Wednesday on a little girl’s pink bicycle. Baucom had been stuck in nightmarish traffic after a serious accident that shut down the interstate, but she knew her patient was waiting at the surgery center. So she hopped off the highway, drove to a friend’s house, and commandeered his 8-year-old daughter’s bike.

Baucom was on her way to the BRASS Surgery Center in Baton Rouge, La., when a cinematically huge chain of accidents — involving two 18-wheelers, a mail truck, a tanker truck, rolls of sheet metal, and isobutane vapor — shut down the highway. After sitting in traffic for an hour and a half, Baucom was worried that she’d have to keep her patient waiting for a procedure that’s already stressful enough as it is. So she made a detour to the nearby house of her colleague Brian Barnett, who furnished her with alternate transportation: his daughter’s bright pink Schwinn. Also, a Disney princess helmet. (He says it was all he could find, but I kind of suspect he just wanted to complete the look.)

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Even with her knees knocking her chest, Baucom traveled faster than the stopped cars on the highway. She pedaled madly all the way to a police checkpoint, where the officers escorted her to the surgery center.

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Clearly, Barnett’s daughter bears Baucom no hard feelings for borrowing her ride, because she’s made the doctor a gift of the princess helmet. Though a Wonder Woman one might have been more apropos.