Eurostar will reduce emissions, offset the rest

Of trains, planes, and automobiles, locomotives already have the best rep for carbon emissions — but one operator is on track to boost the bar higher. Eurostar, which shuttles commuters under the English Channel, plans to reduce CO2 emissions 25 percent per traveler by 2012. Without raising prices, the company will choo-choose lower-emission electrical generators, electronic tickets, recycled uniforms, local food, and efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning. It also hopes to fill more empty seats, which probably won’t require blow-up dolls; passenger numbers are up 5.4 percent from a year ago. Starting this fall, Eurostar will also offset emissions that aren’t eliminated, becoming the world’s largest mass-transit operator and first rail service to go carbon neutral. Says peppy Eurostar President Guillaume Pepy, “The public is more and more worried about the environment and every company should take some responsibility.”