I doubt we have many sprawl-lovers in the audience, but just in case you need the comprehensive case against sprawl in one convenient location, check out “Ten Things Wrong with Sprawl” by James M. McElfish, Jr., director of the Sustainable Use of Land Program at the Environmental Law Institute.

Here are the ten things, in highly condensed form:

  1. Sprawl development contributes to a loss of support for public facilities and public amenities.
  2. Sprawl undermines effective maintenance of existing infrastructure.
  3. Sprawl increases societal costs for transportation.
  4. Sprawl consumes more resources than other development patterns.
  5. Sprawl separates urban poor people from jobs.
  6. Sprawl imposes a tax on time.
  7. Sprawl degrades water and air quality.
  8. Sprawl results in the permanent alteration or destruction of habitats.
  9. Sprawl creates difficulty in maintaining community.
  10. Sprawl offers the promise of choice while delivering more of the same.