Canadian flagGet used to this image.Photo: Anka KayPoliteness, Kate Beaton, and relative social progressivism are just gravy on the poutine of Canada’s superiority. Here’s the fries and curds: As global warming worsens, Canada may become the world’s wealthiest country.

A short list of areas outside of “moose density” where Canada’s primed to dominate:

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  • Food security. New weather patterns will make the frozen north into prime breadbasket material.
  • Oil availability. Alberta’s tar sands have enough oil that they could be supplying 30 percent of U.S. imports by 2030. Forget drinking our milkshake — Canada will own our milkshake.
  • Existence of trees. Canada is the world’s third-most-forested country, so it’ll probably have a few stragglers left even as we move towards a future that makes the Lorax cry.
  • Legislative nimbleness. Canada’s government structure makes it easier to enact environmental laws quickly.
  • Kids in the Hall. I just … they have the Kids in the Hall!

Ready your passports, sad Americans — or just get ready to learn some lessons from our flappy-headed neighbors to the north.

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