Gore & ColbertOn The Colbert Report last night, the former veep talked about his “24 Hours of Reality” event, which launches this evening (find out more and watch the live stream here).

More amusing is this exchange:

Colbert: “Rick Perry endorsed you in 1988. Will you return the favor right now and endorse Rick Perry?”

Gore: “Well, it would hurt him a lot, in a Republican primary.”

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Colbert: “So, is that an endorsement?”

Gore: “No, it’s not.”

Colbert: “So because an endorsement would hurt him and you won’t endorse him, isn’t that, in itself, an endorsement?

Gore: [pauses, ponders] “You could put it that way.”

Watch to the end to see Gore provoke Colbert by referring to his “character” and then dissolve into a laughing fit.

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(h/t Mike Allen)