It is possible that we are suckers for this North Face campaign because it instructs participants to read Grist every day. But even before we noticed that part, we thought it was one of the best templates for taking green action we’ve come across.

The Protect Our Winters (POW) pledge has seven ways to fight climate change. And, no, Jon Meacham, none of them involve composting shredded tote bags. They are:

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1. Get political
2. Educate yourself
3. Find your biggest lever
4. Be vocal, bug your friends
5. Talk to businesses
6. Change your life and save money
7. Join POW

What’s so great about this list? It’s about fighting climate change as a community and expanding that work beyond your front doors. Retrofitting your own house is great, but convincing 10 or 100 people to retrofit their houses is better. Convincing the government to incentivize retrofits so that thousands of people you don’t know can afford to retrofit their houses is even better than that.

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Climate change is going to screw all of us; we have to fight it together. You don’t necessarily have to sign onto this campaign in particular, but think of No. 7 on this list as “Join a group — any group — that will amplify your voice.”