German authorities are now accusing bean sprouts of causing the E. coli outbreak in Europe, but don't have inarguable proof, yet. Vegetables, unlike humans, are guilty until proven innocent, it seems.

Climate delegates begin meeting today in Bonn, in the run-up to the Durbin round of climate talks. They've got a lot to hash over, like the global failure to keep greenhouse gases down after 20 years of trying.

The International Energy Agency says that natural gas's time is coming: it could provide a quarter of the world's energy by 2035.

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In the battle of wind turbines vs. protected golden eagles, the wind turbines are winning. For now.

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There might be fewer acres of forest in the world, but they have more and larger trees, which capture more carbon and make going camping that much more like a creepy German fairy tale.

The Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity is beginning a campaign this week to convince Americans that President Obama's energy policies are responsible for high gas prices. Haley Barbour thinks Obama's keeping prices high on purpose, too. Paranoid, much?

Even compost's not squeaky green: all sorts of chemicals end up in those loamy piles, and there's little monitoring of their levels.

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