Over the weekend, Fox News once again allowed its employees to say things on-air, which the media company somehow fails to understand is generally a risky proposition. But Fox seems committed to letting them do so, and therefore you get things like this.



On “Fox News Watch” (which is not, as you might assume, a weekly catalog of all of the ways in which Fox News has failed), talkers worried that “cheerleading” from the media for Obama’s inaugural address “threatens to overshadow reporting.” And Fox News hates it when cheerleading obscures objective coverage.

From the Washington Post:

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Jon Scott, host of “Fox News Watch,” made clear that he wasn’t part of the adoration crowd. Here’s his take on Obama’s speech:

We heard during the inaugural address, we heard about climate change, we heard about gay rights, we heard about lots of issues but nothing much about the deficit and some of the pressing issues, you know, the really pressing issues of our time.

Emphasis added, because if you watch the clip, he really emphasizes that “really.” After all, Jon Scott, formerly the host of A Current Affair, knows what’s an important issue and what isn’t. The deficit or whatever is a hella big issue. Climate change isn’t. (In 2011, Scott asked Bill Nye if moon volcanoes disproved global warming. Nye suggested that they did not.)

The most recent ratings numbers indicate that Fox News is still the most-watched news channel, nearly tripling its next-closest competitor. Because they cover the pressing issues of our time.

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