Kristina/Jason’s plea for a tagline here reminds me: check out this post over on the NRDC Switchboard blog. It notes the success of Michael Pollan’s already legendary aphorism — "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." — and wonders whether something similarly compact could be used to explain what people need to know about climate change.

A couple of Times bloggers noted that this little pearl has a "haiku-like resonance" – seven plain words, and something about its two-word / three-word / two-word structure. Dwight Garner amused himself trying his hand at it. And then the Well blog’s Tara Parker-Pope thought, Surely this warrants a competition. She posted an entry challenging her readers to vie for top honors – and received more than 1,000 submissions! (My favorite: "Call Mom. Let her talk. Don’t argue.")

For years I’ve been looking for a short, memorable way to convey what people need to know about global warming. Then I saw this and thought, Well, why shouldn’t we have some fun with this too?

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I hereby declare the Switchboard "Seven Words to Save the Planet" challenge open to all comers.

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Let’s collectively come up with one and send it their way. Here’s my (horrible) inaugural effort:

"Electrify transport. Green the grid. Reconnect communities."

Pollan I ain’t.

What have y’all got?

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