Remember a while ago when scientists were like, hey, we’re running out of oil, and we were all like, OK, well, I guess we might have to deal with that at some point? And then all of a sudden, the oil industry was like oh wait, we’re not, we’re not, we have tons of it, we just have to pry it out of the ground and drill deeper for it? Like, way deeper? And we kind of thought, that doesn’t seem right, but it felt better to kind of believe it?

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[vimeo 48399148]

Well, this nifty/depressing video explains how yes, technically, there’s more oil, but the financial and environmental costs of reaching it make it so that it really might as well not exist. And it fits all that into a tidy 2.5 minutes. Too bad the Post Carbon Institute, which is behind the video, does not have as much money as oil companies have to spend on PR, so this is like a tiny shout in a massive canyon of evil.

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