Image courtesy of European Commission.

What have you done for your country lately? Sixteen-year-old Azza Abdel Hamid Falad has figured out a way to make Egypt $78 million worth of biofuel each year. The key: an inexpensive catalyst that will turn plastic into fuel.

Green Prophet explains:

The idea of breaking down plastic polymers into fuel feedstocks, the bulk raw material used for producing biofuel , is not a new idea. But Faiad has found a high yield catalyst, aluminosilicate catalyst, that breaks down plastic waste producing gaseous products like methane, propane and ethane, which are then converted into ethanol to use as biofuel.

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Egypt uses about a million tons of plastic per year, so there’s plenty of feedstock available for Falad’s scheme. She’s already won an award from the European Union for this work and is now working to patent her idea. We’re rooting hard for this one.

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