So, Chicago got a little bit of rain. And I guess sometimes where there’s apocalyptic flooding, there are ABSURD GEYSERS OF SEWER WATER SPEWING OUT OF THE STREET.

This torrential upspout took place in Ravenswood, towards the north end of the city. It is nonsense. It is so nonsense that I’m making up words like “upspout.” But look: If we’re going to have ever-more-biblical levels of weather severity, we’re going to have to start making up words like “upspout” and “superstorm” and “firenado.” (I am still refusing to process that firenados are real.) Alternate possibilities I came up with are “streetfountain,” “sewerspew,” and “roadbarf,” and Chicago residents can think of more while they’re waiting for streets to be passable again.

(h/t @DanSinker)

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