“Divest It Like It’s Hot” may be a mouthful, but rapping Santa Clara University students are up to the task. The coeds in Fossil Free SCU want their college to drop its investments in the top 200 oil and gas drilling businesses, following in the footsteps of schools like Green Mountain College, Hampshire College, and College of the Atlantic.

Pimps, Rolexes, and weed get updated to Big Oil, activism, and CO2. There’s even a shoutout to Bill McKibben! (First he gets a gnat species named after him; now this? Next up is surely partying with Pharrell.) Here’s SCU’s version of the catchy chorus:

If you invest in fossil fuels
Divest it like it’s hot (x3)
If Big Oil tries to get at you
Park it like it’s hot (x3)
If a business gets an attitude
Drop ’em like it’s hot (x3)
I got McKibben on the phone and I’m gonna protest,
Gotta stop climate change; you know it’s time to divest

Did we mention there are tearaway pants, a slo-mo sequence of people ripping off their vests, and references to Ray Bradbury and Thomas Pynchon? Just watch it!

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