Way back in March 2006, BP pipelines ruptured and dumped tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil all over the Alaskan tundra. It was the biggest oil spill since the Exxon-Valdez.

There was a criminal investigation. And then … there wasn’t. What happened?

Seattle’s King 5 has broken the story: Scott West, a top EPA investigator, was looking into the BP spill and on the verge of recommending criminal indictment of top BP officials. Then …

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Then suddenly, West and his investigators were called to Anchorage for an unforeseeable announcement from the Justice Department.

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“I was dismissed. My investigation was shut down,” said West. “I have never seen the Department of Justice shut down an investigation this strong, moving ahead with so much momentum.”

So is that it? West thinks not.

“You won’t be surprised if there is Congressional interest in this to find where this thread leads,” said West.

At least West has redeemed himself: “He’s decided to close his 19 year career at EPA by blowing the whistle on his most frustrating case.”

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Good on him.