The world inside a snow globe is usually pretty idyllic — just pure white snow falling lightly on famous landmarks. Not really an accurate reflection of the environmental toll of mass-produced tourist kitsch. So the artists of the Dorothy collective have produced a limited run of two coal power plant globes, complete with ash-flake “snow.” One has already been sold — but the other can be yours for £2,000, or a little over $3,100.

I’m not saying all airport tourist crap should display an accurate depiction of mass-manufacturing. Nobody wants smog-flavored bon-bons, or a shirt saying “I Went To Spain And All I Got Was An Increased Carbon Footprint From That Flight And This Lousy T-Shirt.” But this is a cool piece of art — the detail is amazing! — and a cool visual reminder of the effects of coal on the climate. It’s just too bad you’d need a government subsidy to buy one.

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