Eat Local store

“I just discovered Eat Local in Queen Anne — great local, organic food, cooked by a master chef and frozen in returnable glass Tupperware or compostable paper trays. I picked up some emergency work lunches, and they were delicious. They also have larger meals for sale in case you need to feed more than one and are running home. The price seems expensive, but it’s not really much more than buying local, organic ingredients and making it yourself. They also partner with local artists like Nikki McClure to make logos, and they sell some local crafts. And they have great deals and sales every month. I just can’t say enough about this place; I wish they would open up a store closer to my neighborhood in South Seattle.”
Grist Local reader Lina Miller

Plan it: Store open daily 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Or get home delivery via from Everett to Olympia.
Map it: 2400 Queen Anne Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. (map)
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