Leonardo DiCaprioPhoto: Steve Granitz / WireImage.comWin a date with Leonardo DiCaprio
In a bid to raise funds, Global Green is offering a titanic opportunity: Be part of this boy’s life … if only for one night. Catch him if you can — bidding is likely to continue ’til the 11th hour.

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Man with laptopPhoto: ex.libris via Flickr 

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[SPAM] Impress her with your SIZE. Carbon footprint guaranteed REALLY HUGE!! YES!

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Seeing Rudd
Global warming experts agree: Paul Rudd is only making earth hotter.

Developing carpool-friendly, emission-free vehicles may be as easy as connecting the Dots.

Dot carVarun Niti Singh, MA Automotive Design

Old Cheez Whiz adPhoto: Umpqua via FlickrCheese jizz
A new study suggests that meat-and-dairy dudes produce lower quality sperm than their vegan brethren. Which leads some to wonder whether we can now use Lunchables as birth control …