Justin TimberlakePhoto: edwardk662 via Flickr.Crying himself a river
JT’s concerns about the clean water crisis are justified. He knows that what goes around / comes around, so he’s gathered a boy band of hikers to bring sexyback to Mount Kilimanjaro. Who knew he was so ‘n sync with environmental issues?


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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.


PeapodLegume vroom
Happiness and ecofriendliness go together like two peeps in this ‘pod.







Green paintbrushPhoto: velo_city via Flickr.Look! A unicorn!
Hoping to turn your effluent pipes and smokestacks into waterfalls and butterflies — at least in the eyes of the public? Look no further than Greenwashers Consulting, “proud to be the leading cosmetic surgeons of the green image.”







Not a Plastic Bag totePlastic fantastic?
Bag the eco-act, plastic industry. Switching to 40 percent recycled content by 2015 just isn’t toting the line.








Yoda T-shirtA new hope
When the hippie enviros join forces with the Star Wars fans, go green you must.