Here’s some good stuff, via Obama Foodorama: While a camera rolls, White House chef/gardener Sam Kass shows baseball star Ryan Howard around the White House garden. They have some great dialogue, climaxing with Howard’s reaction to the garden beehive: “Oh snap, son!” Kass hips Howard to the genius of composting–food scraps go from the White House kitchen to the compost pile to garden beds, from whence more food and more scraps. “You can’t keep taking away without giving back,” Kass lectures, a gloss on the “law of return” propounded another great Howard, organic founder Sir Albert. For his part, Ryan Howard reveals that he lost 20 pounds in the off season eating organic food. “And it was good!” he adds, somewhat surprised. Say what you want about the earnestness, but under Bush II, when guys strolled the White House lawn, I doubt they spent much time discussing organic ag.