avatar“Avatar” is on top of the world at the Oscars.Photo: Official Avatar Movie’s photostreamThe carpet will still be red at the Oscars this Sunday, but there will be a little more green among the nominees.

Leading the way is this year’s blockbuster “Avatar,” James Cameron’s self-proclaimed most successful environmental film of all time. Tied with “The Hurt Locker” for most nominations, including Best Picture, “Avatar” is the most popular green-themed film, but don’t let the Nav’i distract you from other eco-ly legit films.

For starters, Tom Philpott’s cinematic sweetheart, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” garnered two nominations — Animated Feature Film and Music (Original Score) — although Philpott still claims it was snubbed.

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Two films bypassed allegory and dug into unsustainable — and shocking — food practices to gain their nominations for Documentary (Feature). “Food, Inc.” takes on the industrial food system in the U.S.

And “The Cove” focuses on a brutal for-profit dolphin-killing operation in Japan.

Nominations alone are good publicity for these green messages, but a couple golden statues wouldn’t hurt. Green … for the win!